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Pre-School Programs for Your Child – How do you make the right choice?

Whether your child is already of pre-school age, or whether he or she will reach that milestone shortly, the choice of preschool programs is likely foremost on your mind. To ensure your child receives the highest quality education, consider enrolling them in this preschool in Silver Spring, MD.

Why Choices of Preschool Matter?

At a tender age, young minds are like a blank canvas. They may be molded to absorb the influences in their surrounding environments – be it at home, on the playground, or while visiting friends and family. The longer that preschool age children are exposed to specific sets of environments, the more likely it is that they’ll conform to the traits and characteristics they see, hear and experience in those environments.

The advantages of having your kids attend a preschool in Silver Spring are many, including:

  • While you are at work, or attending to other parental duties, your children will be in a safe, nurturing, and caring environment.
  • While attending the preschool program, young minds will experience well-structured play and learning routines – both of which contribute to a lifelong love of academic pursuits.
  • The curriculum of the preschool program hones various skills, including social, cognitive, language, and emotional. These are areas of early childhood development that homecare alone can’t foster.

Most importantly, choosing the right preschool gets children school-ready. This means that as they gear up to enter higher levels of schooling, they’ll already have a sound foundation that’ll make that transition less stressful for both parents and the child. That’s because the structure and routine instilled in them during pre-schooling makes them less resistant, and more amenable, to embracing higher levels of education.

The Right Fit: A combo of Parent-Child-and-Preschool

When deciding which program to send your child to, programs offered by preschools in Silver Spring, MD are the best fit for parents looking to give their children a leg up in their future educational careers. One deciding factor is the school’s Creative Curriculum®, which implements an interactive, play-based learning approach in all its pre-schooling programs. So, how does this help parents and children?

  • Firstly, the program balances a mix of focus on school readiness, while also considering the individual needs of each child.
  • Secondly, this Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) approved curriculum delivers a well-rounded pre-schooling experience. It does so by integrating multiple learning areas, such as physical activity, soft skills, communication, good behavior, group play, and a lot more.
  • And last, but not least, Silver Spring preschool programs are staffed and managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced early childhood educators and associates. Not only is the staff attuned to the unique learning and personality needs of the child; but they also are highly adept in their interactions with the parents.

While you, as a parent, look for the right fit in a preschool program, it’s important to consider all aspects of the program before making that decision. At the end of the day, the tri-factors of Parent-Child-and-Preschool must factor high in that decision. Diversity of programming. Individual care and attention. And the skill and experience of the staff make this preschool in Silver Spring, MD a winning contender.

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