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The Digital Landscape Of College Search

What is it about the content shared on the most popular social media platforms that makes it stick with aspiring college students? It could be in part due to this content not feeling as formal as the information shared from a college through typical recruitment efforts. Within that same vein, this also extends the breadth of the types of content that colleges can create and share to their audiences. For example, one of the most currently influential types of this content is when universities pool current students or recently graduated students and asking them questions on camera to answer regarding their college experiences. When colleges prioritize authenticity, such as having these previous students as ambassadors, aspiring students can tell the difference. A campus tour video, or coverage of on-campus events feels all the more genuine when coming from actual students as opposed to college marketers or recruiters. Making this distinction through the content created is often what makes the most difference in influencing a prospective student. To learn more about the ways in which college markets and recruiters are creating genuine content for aspiring students on these applications, be sure to review the resource included alongside this post.

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