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Top Tips to Prepare Yourself for University

If you’ve chosen your undergraduate degree programme and you’ve been accepted onto the course, you’re probably thinking about the experience that awaits you. You’ll be excited about the upcoming experience and probably a little apprehensive too. If you are studying overseas, getting ready for university can be even more nerve-racking. Consider these top tips to help prepare yourself for university.

Start to Cook

If you don’t already know how to cook basic food, now is a good time to start learning. Most people study in universities which are far from their hometown, so they must learn to fend for themselves on a daily basis. If you’ve booked a room on campus or close to the university, you must be ready to cook meals for yourself.

On occasion, you can opt for a fast food takeaway, but you don’t want to be eating unhealthy food throughout your time at university. If you’ve decided to study an international course in Thailand (เรียน อินเตอร์ ใน ไทย in Thai), you’ll be doing your undergraduate programme for a minimum of 3 years to attain your degree. During these years, you should consider your diet and eat as healthy as possible. Healthy, home made meals help to boost your energy and improve your mental wellbeing.

Join a Club

If you are an international student, do your best to attend the orientation day. It will help you to meet new people and you’ll find out where important parts of the university are located, such as the student help centre and admissions office.

If you’re staying in your own country but you’ve moved out of town, why not join a club or sports team to help you get acquainted with other students? Freshers week, which is the first week for new students, is a great way to meet other people in your programme, it will help you settle and enjoy the early stages of college.

Get Organised

You’re out of school now and no one will be telling you to do projects or complete important tasks, the onus is on you. University is a place for adults, not children, you won’t get in trouble for missing assignments, but it will affect your grade at the end of the semester. Make sure you get organised and stick to a schedule, this can be difficult at first but the more you follow it the easier higher education will be.

Start Reading

Many universities will send you an email outlining the main textbooks that they’ll use for each course throughout the year. If you already know what’s coming in the first semester, why not get ahead by reading. If you’ve already started learning, it will help you to manage your workload when things get busy later in the year.

University is one of the most exciting times of your life, you get to make lifelong friends, you experience new activities and you are given the opportunity to explore interesting modules. Once you get yourself well organised, ready to learn and open to new experiences, studying in university will be easy. So, if you are starting soon, consider the tips mentioned above to help you prepare.

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