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What To Look For When Selecting A Pre-School For Your Child

When it comes to education in Bangkok, there are many options available, and if you can afford to, you may want to consider sending your child to an international school. When you have a young child, you will want to send them to an international pre-school, which can give them the foundation for an excellent education, giving them a fantastic start in their life. You will need to do plenty of research when looking at the various schooling options and ensure you select a school that your child will enjoy going to school.

Look At The Different Curriculums

When you look at the various international kindergartens and pre-schools, you will notice that they have different curriculums from countries worldwide. You will need to decide what curriculum you want your child to learn and then look at the schools that use your preferred one. However, this is not the only factor you will need to consider, as there are other things you need to look at when choosing their school.

The School Facilities

You will want to ensure that the school you choose for your child has plenty of amenities to make them comfortable and provide them with an excellent education. You will want the classrooms to have air conditioning to keep them cool when it is warm, and they also need to have the latest technology to help teach your child. There should also be plenty of fun activities available in the school, and you will want to ensure the class sizes are not too big.

Reducing Your Daily Commute

Travelling around Bangkok can be frustrating as it gets so busy, and the traffic moves so slowly that it is like a traffic jam. You will want the school you send your child to be not too far away, so it is not a long commute to and from school each day. However, if you live along the BTS or MRT routes, you can always select a school close to a station, as it makes getting across the city much easier.

The Cost Of Tuition

Another factor you will need to consider when looking for an international pre-school for your child is the cost of the tuition fees. The tuition fees can vary quite drastically between the various schools, so you will need to select one within your budget. You also need to keep in mind that the cost of the tuition increases with each year in the school, but if you send more than one child to the same school, you can often enjoy a discount on the tuition fees.

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