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4 Courses to Take for a Career as a Geriatric Nurse

A career in geriatrics can be very fulfilling. You get to work with a population that is often underserved and in need of extra care and attention. The path to becoming a geriatric nurse is not always clear, however. There are many different ways to get there, and the route you take will depend on your specific goals and interests.

One of the best ways to prepare for a career in geriatrics is to take courses that focus on this population. Here are four courses to consider if you want to work with seniors.

Dementia Care

There’s a reason why memory care homes are in demand: the number of seniors with dementia is growing. 

Dementia care courses cover topics such as how to effectively communicate with someone who has dementia, how to manage behavior changes, and how to provide emotional support to relatives. 

When choosing a dementia care course, look for one that is specifically designed for healthcare professionals. This will ensure that the content is relevant to your career goals.

End-of-Life Care

Death is a natural part of life, but it can be difficult to deal with, both emotionally and logistically. End-of-life care courses can teach you how to provide care and support to patients and their families during this difficult time.

Topics covered in end-of-life care courses include how to have difficult conversations about death, how to alleviate pain in terminal patients, and how to provide emotional support. 

These courses can be challenging, but they are also very rewarding because if you want to work in geriatrics, it’s important to have a good understanding of end-of-life care.

Senior Nutrition  

Good nutrition is essential for seniors, but it can be difficult to get them to eat a balanced diet. Senior nutrition courses can teach you about senior dietary requirements.

Topics covered in senior nutrition courses include assessing specific nutrient needs, developing dietary plans, and working with food service staff to ensure that seniors are getting the nutrients they need. 

These courses can be beneficial whether you want to work in a clinical or community setting.

Geriatric Pharmacology 

Medications play a big role in the lives of seniors, and it’s important for health care professionals to have a good understanding of how they work. Geriatric pharmacology courses can teach you about the specific medications that are commonly used to treat conditions that affect seniors.

Topics covered in geriatric pharmacology courses include how medications are metabolized by the body, common side effects, and drug interactions. 

These courses are essential if you want to work in a clinical setting, such as a hospital or nursing home.

Taking courses that focus on geriatrics is a great way to prepare for a career in this field. By gaining an understanding of the unique needs of seniors, you’ll be better equipped to provide them with the care and support they need.

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