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Few Important Responsibilities of Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified nursing assistant is healthcare professional, who can help patients who may need many different kinds of healthcare needs, which can be either direct supervision of any registered nurse or a licensed practicing nurse.

You will be able to work after certified nursing assistant training in a number of places like nursing homes, hospitals, personal residences, adult care facilities and also in assisting living facilities.

You will have similar responsibilities in all the above places some of the important responsibilities are as follows:

  • Help patients to maintain basic living activities

Any certified nursing assistant can help their patients in the following few areas:

  • General cleaning and bathing of the patients
  • Combing of hair, shaving, brushing of teeth and cutting mails etc.
  • Use of toilet and getting properly dressed up
  • Sleep in proper position and using of wheelchair
  • Proper way of eating and other general activities
  • Help the patient to eat in proper manner
  • Listen to various health apprehensions of patients

Listening to the various regular problems of the patients are one of the key roles of these certified nursing assistants. They need to regularly talk to their patients while performing all their work.

It is important listen to all the health concerns of the patients and record them and thereafter report all the information to head nurses for proper action.

  • Measure vital signs

This is the key role of all certified nursing assistants to measure all the important vital signs and parameters of the patient like body temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure etc.

All these reports are to be noted in a proper manner and reported to medical professional so that he can prescribe necessary medical treatment.

  • Housekeeping

Proper cleanliness and housekeeping of the area where patients are located is extremely important. These certified nursing assistants are responsible to maintain proper housekeeping of the hospital or the premises where the patient is available.

If CNA is taking care of the patient at home then it is important to maintain kitchen, bathroom and all the living areas clean.

  • Tending to various patient issues

CNA has to deal with patients having many different health problems, they have to manage as per the need.

As an example, in some cases CNA has to tend patient’s wounds where it is necessary to clean and dress them to ensure that they will heal properly. They also need to work for preventing bed sores in the patients.

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