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A Guide For Students Studying Commerce Subject

Every commerce students face different difficulties – they have to understand vast concepts, get their calculations right, and study many business jargons. Commerce students should maintain a  schedule and study regularly throughout the year to score good marks in the boards. Therefore, to accomplish better results, here are a few tips for studying core subjects of commerce.


First, solve questions related to cash flow statements, company accounts and partnership. This concept covers almost 60% of the question paper. Students should be aware of ratio analysis, as this is also one of the main concepts in accountancy.

Practise previous year question and sample papers along with other reference books. Students can refer T.S.Grewal solutions for practising accountancy solutions. It is important to remember that accountancy is a significant part of commerce subject, and therefore, it is essential to be accurate with it.

Some additional techniques to be followed are:

  • Learn the characteristics, merits and demerits of different concepts
  • Memorise formulas and understand why it is implemented
  • Make small notes wherever required
  • Create a sheet with chapterwise formulas, and this will make it easy to remember

Business Studies

It is one of the subjects where you can score the most marks. A little focus and presence of minds are all that takes to crack the business studies concepts. Each chapter is relevant to one another, so even if you forget one concept try to relate it with other concepts. Additionally, a question like ‘ Do you agree or disagree’, include a few points from the books along with your own opinion. This type of questions give importance to a student’s idea and can fetch 50% of marks.

Some additional techniques to be followed are:

  • Study according to the CBSE and NCERT syllabus
  • Understand the descriptions properly along with the meaning
  • Few essential concepts in business studies are financial management, formal and informal organisation, and marketing management etc


This subject needs the maximum time to study because of its vast syllabus and requires analytical and reasoning abilities. It is essential to know the logic between two variables like the marginal product and total product, average fixed cost and total fixed cost etc.

Some additional techniques to be followed are:

  • For every chapter, make a flow chart. Understand the meaning of each concept and essential points chapter wise
  • Understand the diagrams and graphs and diagrams thoroughly
  • Practise previous years question paper and sample papers in-depth

The listed tips will help students to achieve good marks in class 12 commerce board exam. For more information on CBSE Class 11th and 12th, commerce subjects stay tuned to BYJU’S.

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