Is Java Developer a good career option in 2021?

Is Java Developer a good career option in 2021?

To put it simply, we want to yes because any programming related course will benefit today. Programming has become a crucial thing to learn. Everyone must know some basics to understand the working of technology around us. Emerging and future technologies will be more robust and powerful due to advanced programming. If you haven’t tried learning programming, we would say that give a try. And if this is something that interests you, it’s great but which language is good for you?

Don’t choose a complex language to learn when you are new to programming. However, having basics clear means you can explore Android programming language like Java. Android’s default programming language was Java, which has been replaced by Kotlin. To learn android app development, choosing Java programming will be the best option for you. Why we are saying so, this article will let you know.

Wide Application

Java is a versatile programming language, which means it can be used in many projects ranging from web development, back end development, applet, and so on. Even IOT( Internet of things) projects can be built with the application of Java. You can choose to work on any project you wish depending on your interest. To become a great java developer,


Do you know that Java programming is a cost-effective language to learn. It is flexible and comes with tight security. Being a java developer, you learn to deal with difficult tasks easily. Moreover, you can reuse the code for working on a new project. Focus is given on the enterprise development.


Java programming allow collaboration remotely due to its ability of faster and seamless data sharing to development team.

Besides, the community of java developers is big and expanding with every passing months. If any java developer faces any issues, he can post it on the community of java developers to get help. Github is the best platform where any developer can ask questions and queries from the fellow developers. Along with that, outsourcing of projects make collaboration simpler, no matter where you are.

Platform Independence

In 90s, Java gained a lot of popularity because of “write once, and run anywhere potential”. At that time, no programming language had this capability. This meant that no developer could reuse the code.

Java being a powerful language, has Java Virtual Machine or JVM that turns the code into bytecode. This enable the code to run anywhere regardless of the platform you are working on.

Other Features

Java features endless features to back developers. It contains endless library support, machine learning, open source language, scalability, IDEs, compatibility for big data, etc.

Apart from that, there are plethora of popular platforms from where you can learn java programming. Not only are this, a lot of free and paid sources available too for gaining insights of Java programming.


If you are pursuing any Java development course, your probability of getting job is higher. Java developers can work as a mobile application developer. And the rise of smartphone users has opened up many opportunities of problem solving and offering solutions.

Almost every company hire java developers for getting software regarding solution. Hence, your demand as a java developer is high everywhere.

Wrapping it Up

The days of Java programmers hasn’t over yet. They are still in demand and will remain for a long time. Soon, Java will be celebrating its 26th anniversary on 23rd May, 2021.It is evolving time to time with continuous development. Thus, you must taking Java lessons and the best way to do that is with NIIT java programming course for beginners. For becoming an app developer, there is no other programming language better than Java programming for beginners.

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